Parental advisory

This website for Inazuma Eleven has been designed especially for children

Welcome to the new Inazuma Eleven web portal. Our goal is to provide a safe online environment as well as free information on this favourite series of both boys and girls, INAZUMA ELEVEN.

With this website, Arait Multimedia Inc., maintains its pledge to quality children´s content and strengthens its commitment to families.

Inazuma Eleven is a family friendly series based on promoting the values of teamwork, the spirit of achievement, collaboration, friendship and the importance of participating, in a fun and entertaining way. We believe in the values of the show along with a commitment remain a leader in quality broadcasting.

What will I find on Inazuma Eleven´s web site?

Mainly information about the series, games, activities, competitions and news of interest to children. Likewise there´s an online store where you can buy Inazuma Eleven merchandise.

Have a suggestion?

We welcome any suggestions, comments, etc ... at the following address: