Season 1

First season includes episodes 1 to 26.

Episode #1 "Let´s Play our football"
Mark Evans is the captain of the Raimon Middle School’s long-neglected soccer club. With the club on the verge of being disbanded Mark is hoping to kick it into shape, but he’ll need a little help and more than a little luck. Will he get it in time?

Episode #2 "Royal is Here!"
Raimon have gotten their first piece of good news, they’re going to play an exhibition game! Except that the game is against the toughest team in the whole country. As they take to the field all looks hopeless, unless somebody can pull a miracle out of a hat somewhere!

Episode #3 "Here Comes the Killer Shot!"
The team is still on a high from their surprise win against Royal Academy, but there’s a lot of work they still need to do. Kevin is mad at himself and jealous of Axel for scoring the winning shot. If only he could come up with a killer shot of his own!

Episode #4 "Here Comes the Dragon!"
It’s game day for Raimon and they’re playing a team that everyone’s nervous about - Occult Jr High. They’ve got some creepy tricks up their sleeve and unless Mark and the rest of the team can figure out how to break the spell they don’t have a hope in…heck

Episode #5 "Where’s the Notebook?"
The Soccer Frontier Tournament is about to start and Raimon are up against the terrifying jumpers of Wild Junior High in their first game. Everyone agrees that unless they come up with a new move, Raimon are finished before they even start. Just when all hope is lost, Mark finds another hidden notebook his grandfather left behind!

Episode #6 "This is the Inazuma Drop!"
Raimon are all pumped up and ready for their big game against Wild Junior High, all except one player - Jack Wallside. His fear of heights is getting in the way of the Inazuma Drop, and without it all is lost. Will he get over it in time to save the day?

Episode #7 "Showdown at the Riverbank!"
Raimon are training hard for the next game in the Soccer Frontier Tournament, and people are beginning to sit up and take notice; including their next opponents - Brainwashing Jr High. The trouble is Brainwashing have them all figured out, and if Raimon want to beat them they have to move up to the next level!

Episode #8 "The Terrifying Soccer Cyborgs!"
It’s another big game for Raimon, against the robots of Brainwashing Jr High. Nobody’s ever scored a goal against them, much less won, but if Raimon want to advance they have to do just that. But how will they do that when their chances of winning are so small?

Episode #9 "Willy Rising!"
Axel Blaze is injured and out of Raimon’s next game, but their opponents are the weakest team in the whole tournament, so winning shouldn’t be a problem. But wait - these geeky guys aren’t as weak as everybody thinks! Our boys are in trouble, but help comes from an unlikely hero.

Episode #10 "The Spy From Royal"
Raimon Jr Soccer Club is looking stronger than ever, but so are the forces in league against them. But so desperate are their enemies to stop them from succeeding at any cost, they cross the line and unwittingly expose themselves!

Episode #11 "Find a New Coach"
The big game against Royal is only a few days away, but unless Raimon Jr can find a new coach then they’re going out without even setting foot on the field! The whole team is looking high and low and the clock is ticking; will they find one or not?

Episode #12 "The Finals - Royal Academy - First Half!"
The boys arrive at Royal Academy for the biggest game of their lives, but before they can begin they have to dispel the cloud of suspicion hanging over the place. Ray Dark has set some kind of trap, but what? And when will it spring?

Episode #13 "The Finals - Royal Academy - Second Half!"
With Ray Dark safely shut away, the game against Royal has properly begin, and it’s a real game this time not a walkover. It’s neck and neck and back and forth and the air is full of penguins. Whoever wins this comes out on top - this game is off the hook!

Episode #14 "The Legendary Eleven!"
The Next Day . Raimon Wins Soccer Frontier District Finals! The boys still can’t believe they beat Royal and are the new District Champion. After the celebratory dust settles, a mysterious figure walks into Seymour’s noodle bar. Is he really from the legendary Inazuma Eleven? And did he just challenge them to a game?

Episode #15 "This is it - The Nationals Tournament!"
The Raimon have set their sights on the National tournament and they’re determined to win it all. They’re working hard to get there, but there are lots of obstacles - first there’s the threat to their precious clubhouse, and then there’s the possibility that Nathan might leave the team - the decision’s in his hands - what will he do?

Episode #16 "Soccer - Ninja Style!"
With Nathan still on the team, for now, the Raimon can move forward and concentrate on the Nationals. And they’ll need to - their first game is against the speedy Shuriken High. If they don’t win this, the dream is over before it’s even begun!

Episode #17 "Jude’s Decision!"
The narrow victory over Shuriken has given Raimon confidence, but on the other side of the tournament there’s shock and awe at Royal’s complete destruction at the hands of Zeus Jr. If Raimon are going to handle them, they’ll need to train even harder, and maybe even recruit some new members!

Episode #18 "Break the Unbreakable Wall!"
With their firepower boosted by the addition of Jude Sharp, the team are ready to tackle Farm Jr High and their unbreakable defence. But unless they get their passes coordinated then all their hard work will come to nothing!

Episode #19 "The Reincarnated Genius!"
Erik the Eagle is back! Like a phoenix he has risen from the ashes and come back to visit his old friend. Just in time too, Raimon Jr are desperate for some new moves, and the Tri Pegasus is just what they need. But can they perfect it in time?

Episode #20 "The Killer Triangle Z!"
Raimon Jr are getting ready to play their next big opponent - Kirkwood Jr High, which just happens to be Axel Blaze’s old school. Certain members of that team still carry a grudge against him and will stop at nothing to get their revenge. Are Raimon strong enough to overcome their hatred?

Episode #21 The Clash with Kirkwood Jr High!
The Murdock brothers and their grudge are dominating Raimon Jr at every turn, but they need to find the strength to overcome their malice if they’re going to make it to the final. If they don’t work together, their dream is finished!

Episode #22 "Go Beyond the God Hand!"
Raimon Jr are through to the finals, but they’re all getting nervous about playing the terrifying Zeus Jr. Mark is convinced he’s not good enough, and if that weren’t enough to rattle nerves, it seems that Ray Dark is working on some fiendish plot behind the scenes. Will he sabotage Raimon Jr?

Episode #23 "A Challenge from a God!"
As the final against Zeus draws nearer, so does Raimon Jr’s anticipation and dread. The team are working hard, but the level they have to reach seems beyond their grasp. Will they get it together in time for the final?

Episode #24 "Time for Training Camp!"
The big game is almost on top of them but Mark still hasn’t mastered Majin the Hand. The coach decides to try and new tactic and everyone spends the night at school at a sleepover training camp. Hopefully this will give Mark the skills he needs. If it doesn’t Raimon are in big trouble!

Episode #25 "The Final Battle!"
This is it, the final of the Nationals has arrived. Zeus Jr storm to an early lead and nothing Raimon Jr does has any effect on them. Are they really gods? Or is something else going on? Either way, if Raimon don’t turn the game around they’re going to get annihilated!

Episode #26 "God vs Majin!"
Raimon Jr are down by three goals and are getting clobbered by the soccer gods of Zeus Jr. The situation looks completely hopeless and the clock is running down. But just when all seems lost, little glimmers of hope appear. Will they be enough to shine the light of victory on Raimon?

Season 2

Second season includes episodes 27 to 67.

Episode #27 "Alien Invasion!"
The victory for the Raimon proves to be very short lived, as only a few minutes after their win, the sky falls in. Literally! - All of a sudden the earth is overrun by aliens! And they play soccer! What will Mark and the others do about this out of this world development?

Episode #28 "Make a Sally!"
The Raimon have stepped up to try and save the world against the soccer players of Alius Academy, but it’s like pitting an ant against an elephant. Meanwhile - the president is in danger from the very same threat, and indeed the world itself.

Episode #29 "Defeat Blacksuits Football team!"
The president has been kidnapped by aliens, and Mark and the others are determined to help him. The Inazuma Caravan travels to the park where he was kidnapped, ready to beat the aliens off. But wait - who are THESE people? And why are they so hostile?

Episode #30 Threat of Alien Academy!
The tenacious Raimon players never give up, and they’re going to try again against Alius Academy. But try as they might they can’t even hold a candle to them. It doesn’t help that the new coach seems to be sabotaging their every play - what’s going on now?

Episode #31 "Find out the Legendary Ace Striker"
The news that Axel is kicked off the team doesn’t go over well with most of the Raimon players, especially Kevin Dragonfly. He carries the grudge all the way to Hokkaido with the team, as they search for the mythical ace striker - Shawn Froste. How will he react when they meet?

Episode #32 "The Prince of Snowfield"
Raimon are excited and surprised when they finally meet Shawn Frost, but is he really as good as everyone says? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to play a game against him. Look out Mark, there’s some icy cool shots coming your way!

Episode #33 "Who is the Best Ace Striker?"
Shawn Frost is officially part of the Raimon, but there are still some teamwork kinks to iron out. But by showing his teammates a brand new way of practicing, maybe Shawn can bring them to a new level and bring the team together!

Episode #34 "Defeat Alien Academy!"
Raimon have toughened up though their snowboard training and are ready to face Alius Academy one more time. But do they have what it takes to beat them? And even if they do, what else to Alius Academy have in store? Surely not another team.

Episode #35 "Upsilon invades!"
Just when everyone thought the earth had been saved, Alius Academy attack once more, but this time with Team Epsilon. These guys really mean business, and they’re beating up on a new school - Cloister Divinity in Kyoto. Will Raimon be able to help them, or is it too late?

Episode #36 "Secret powers!"
After the crushing defeat of Cloister Divinity, Raimon step up to fill the hole, with Scotty the substitute helping out on Celia’s urging. The results are strange and disheartening, but also encouraging in one way. They’re going to have to do a lot of hard work though!

Episode #37 "Neo Imperial Academy Returns first part!"
Looks like Team Raimon have a new member, in the form of Sneaky Scotty. They’ll need all the help they can get though, because Ray Dark is back on the scene, in an unfeasibly silly submarine-based soccer stadium. He’s managed to revive Royal Academy and turn two of Jude’s old teammates against him!

Episode #38 "Neo Imperial Academy Returns latter part!"
Raimon are smack in the middle of a game against Royal Academy Redux, and Ray Dark has convinced its players to use any and every means to win; even if it means the destruction of their minds and bodies. Can Raimon show them the error of their ways before it’s too late?

Episode #39 "The final WYVERN BLIZZARD!"
The Inazuma Caravan finally comes home to recharge their batteries and…train a whole lot more. They find out that everybody’s been training to help them, including some old enemies! But all is not well on the team, the tough training has proved to be too much for one member in particular.

Episode #40 "Erik in crisis!"
No sooner do they arrive home, and they’re back on the road again - this time they’re heading to Osaka where it’s rumored that Alius Academy have a base. The team don’t find any aliens there, but they do find a bunch of strange and powerful ladies - with a secret!

Episode #41 A trap of DEZA-MU!
The team find that the Golden Glamour Girls secret training bunker under the amusement park is a great place to train, but where did it come from? No time for questions, everyone has to train train train, because Epsilon are almost here again!

Episode #42 "Hot battele! Strongest EPSILON!"
The big game against Epsilon is here, and Raimon come out with all guns blazing! Will their guns be enough to turn back the alien scourge? Meanwhile Shawn Frost is having an identity crisis of epic proportions, that threatens to tear him and the team apart!

Episode #43 "Granpa’s secret technique!"
Unexpected news about the existence of another David Evans notebook sends the team scurrying off to Fukuoka, where they meet one of Mark’s grandfather’s old friends, and someone who might just become Mark’s apprentice. When the team sees what little Darren can do they’re amazed!

Episode #44 "Another MAJIN THE HAND!"
The exhibition game between Raimon and Fauxshore Jr - AKA the battle of the goalies - is a knuckle biting affair. Both Mark and Darren are showing off their old moves and trying to learn new ones while a storm of shots rages around them. Meanwhile they’re being watched - just who IS this Xavier boy?

Episode #45 "Horrible! The strongest GENESIS!"
Just when Raimon were feeling confident, they get a wake up call in the form of a big slap in the face from Xavier and his Genesis team. Sure, part of being a winning team is being able to cope with loss, but a loss this big? Worst of all, it seems the team is losing more than just the game…

Episode #46 "The trial of the Captain!"
Disaster after disaster is hitting the Raimon team hard. First Nathan decides to quit, then another member decides he can’t take it anymore. Mark is in crisis and can’t deal with everything that’s happening. But if he can’t deal with it who can? The ball stops with him after all…

Episode #47 "Battle in the south sea"
On the way to Okinawa, the team are waylaid when Willy’s scientific curiosity gets the better of him. The meeting proves fruitful though, as they encounter a surfer with a kick like a jet engine! Has he really never played soccer before? It’s a little hard to believe!

Episode #48 "Blazing striker"
Raimon have arrived in Okinawa to begin their search for the Flame Striker. Most of the team are convinced it’s Axel, but they won’t know until they see him. Hold on, who’s this guy? He’s got a kick like a mule, but there’s something fishy about him.

Episode #49 "Let’s beat time to the soccer"
Mark and the boys successfully put the nightmare of Xavier behind them, and now it’s time to have some fun. But fun always means soccer and they’re off to a game with Mary Times High, who Hurley’s decided to play for. They think it’s going to be a walkover but boy are they wrong!

Episode #50 Shout! "A clenched fist of the justice!"
Raimon are in trouble against Mary Times and their amazing rhythmic style of play. They better find a way to mix up the timing before they’re drummed out of the game entirely! Luckily somebody’s on the ball, but will they be able to save the day?

Episode #51 "Epsilon Prime!"
Just when they thought it was safe to go back on the soccer field, Raimon are besieged by the aliens once more. It’s Epsilon again, but not as they know it. Their power has increased and they’re nastier than ever. Can Mark and the rest of the team rise to the occasion?

Episode #52 "Revival of the blaze!"
Unsurprisingly, Epsilon Prime is wiping the floor with Raimon Jr, but their spirits can’t be broken. If they all pull together and work hard and have fun, they can beat these aliens and save their earth. Or can they?

Episode #53 "Freezing darkness?Diamond dust!"
The team is ecstatic - they’ve got Axel back and they’re heading home for some R and R. All is not well with Shawn Frost, but with some care and attention he should be back to full strength soon. Hopefully very soon, because Diamond Dust show up looking for a fight much earlier than anybody wants.

Episode #54 "Strongest Byron helps in a game"
Well the team didn’t get their beef stew, it’s straight back to work and a big game against Diamond Dust - the master ranked team of Alius Academy. Mark and the team have got stronger, but are they strong enough to beat the best of the best?

Episode #55 "Mark tries new challenge!"
Mark’s been forced to quit his position as goalie, but the situation isn’t as bad as everyone feared - he’s just moving a little up the field and becoming a defender! But he’s going to need a whole different set of skills - will he be able to learn them in time for the big game?

Episode #56 "Confront! Mark vs Axel"
Mark and the rest of the team make a visit to Royal Academy. For some it’s brings back bad memories, but for others it’s an opportunity to learn new moves and new tactics. The team is going to need them, because the aliens are gathering again, and they have Raimon in their sights!

Episode #57 "The miracle team! The Chaos!!"
Raimon have been practicing and hoping for more time to prepare for the inevitable alien assault, but before they know it they’re here, and stronger than ever. Prominence and Diamond Dust have joined forces to make the strongest team yet, are Mark and his crew ready for them?

Episode #58 "Explode! Fire Blizzard!"
Diamond Dust and Prominence are pounding on Raimon with the full weight of their combined force, but Raimon have found a hole in their defenses and are managing to fight back. There’s a lot of emotion out there on the field, it’s a powder keg and something’s about to blow!

Episode #59 "Alien Academy finally came here!"
The secrets behind Alius Academy are beginning to bubble up to the surface and it looks like Coach Lina knows much more than she’s saying. When confronted, she tells the team that all the answers are at Mount Fuji - so it’s off to the mountain they go. But what’s waiting for them at the top?

Episode #60 "Alien Academy’s true character!"
The veil of secrecy has finally been lifted and we know who Alius Academy is and who’s behind them. But the hard part still lies ahead - Mark and the Raimon 11 have to play the ultimate team of warriors, Genesis! Do they have a hope of winning, or is this the final countdown for the Raimon?

Episode #61 "Last Armageddon! The Genesis first part!"
The final battle to end all final battles has begun. Raimon versus Genesis, and at the start they look totally outclassed. Unless Raimon can find some kind of secret weapon they’ll never beat the uber soldiers of Genesis. Unless Shawn Frost can get back in the game somehow.

Episode #62 "Last Armageddon! The Genesis latter part!"
The fate of the world rests on the outcome of the game being played at a stadium inside Mount Fuji. As inconceivable as it sounds, it’s true - and if Mark and the others can’t find a way to beat Xavier and his team of inhumanly strong players, it’s all over for everybody, for all time!

Episode #63 "Endless menace!"
The final battle is over, but as we all know there are final battles and then there are Final Battles! Which is this to be? We learn the truth behind Astram and the Alius Rock, but there are still more mysteries behind the truth; mysteries that may involve a final final battle to solve them!

Episode #64 "Fierce battle! Raimon vs Raimon!"
Just when you think you have the strongest soccer team in the entire universe, along comes another team waiting to prove you wrong. And so it is with the Raimon 11, only this time the team challenging them is…the Raimon 11! The injured and left-behind players have been re-energized through a ghastly experiment and they’re out for blood!

Episode #65 "An ultimate technique from our friendship!"
The Dark Emperors are merciless and relentless and are giving Raimon a pounding like they’ve never had before. It’s time to pull out all the stops and reach out for their hearts and minds, but it will take more than words to win this game, Mark and his teammates will need the spirit of soccer!

Episode #66 Digest of "Alien Invasion and Pilot of World Championship 1"
The battles are over and the war has been won, but before the next surprise comes along, Shawn and Mark take a few minutes to reflect on all the battles they’ve been through and all their triumphs and defeats along their long road to victory.

Episode #67 Digest of "Alien Invasion and Pilot of World Championship 2"
Mark and Shawn are joined in their reflecting by Axel, who has his own take on the crazy ups and downs of their long struggle against Alius Academy. Their reflections all lead to one conclusion - that they love soccer and that they don’t want to stop playing it: ever!

Season 3

Third season includes episodes 68 to 127.

Episode #68 "National Team Reunion!"
After playing on a Space level, it´s time to play the World: a new tournament will gather the best players from the best teams in the world. In order to reach there, they will need to build a great National Team. But, who will be the chosen players?

Episode # 69 "Inazuma National Is Born!" (*also called "Inazuma National")
The National team will be born from the game being played by the best players in the country. Sparks fly in this clash, nobody want to be left behind. But after the game, it will be the time for surprises when they know both the team and their new coach.

Episode # 70 "The Cursed Coach"
Inazuma National´s players are bewildered with Percival Travis, the new coach. To start with he didn´t look looks impressed with his players, as he says they have no level to play the world. And in the second hand, there are very strange rumours about him...

Episode # 71  "The Curtain Is Lifted! World’s Challenge!"
If Inazuma National wants to play at the Football Frontier International, they need to win the regional qualifiers. Their first rival are "Big Waves", the Australian National Team, a team which plays as easy as a fish swims... but our heroes cannot leave their rooms´ "fish tanks" until the day of the game.

Episode # 72 "Let’s Overcome The Big Wave!"
First world challenge is as tough as they have expected to be. Strong Australian defence prevent Japan players to move freely; but they have been practising for days against this kind of game. Besides, if there are Big Waves, Inazuma National has its own footballer-surfer.

Episode # 73 “Desert Lions! Some Ardent Fighters!”
After Australia, next rivals are here: players used to run and with a lot of stamina. Inazuma National should reinforce those features within the team. Or they should, as soon as they discover why one of them is always leaving training early.

Episode # 74 “Austin’s Awaking Hour!”
Qatar´s Desert Lions is putting Inazuma National on a spot. Their stamina and physical game-play is wearing them out little by little. Travis Coach´s answer is clear: Austin should dare to give the final step. Team´s fate depends on him.

Episode #  75 “What A Clash: Mark Vs. Archer!”
Archer Hawkins is the strangest of all the members of Inazuma National´s team. It looks like as if he had never play football, and still, he´s in the team all right. Mark will insist on getting close to him, but he will need the help of former Raimon´s coach in order to know all about him...

Episode #76 “Team Change? The Biggest Challlenge!”
Inazuma National players have the unexpected visit of Lina Schiller, former Raimon Eleven´s coach. She is not coming alone, but with "Neo National"*, a team made from former rivals who didn´t reach the National team. Their goal? Quite simple: replace our friends at Football Frontier International! [* also called “Neo National”]

Episode #77 “Ultimate Challenge! Percy Travis’s Japan Against Lina Schiller’s!”
Neo National Team are set to take Inazuma National’s place, and its players’ spirit put Inazuma National’s in a predicament. Apart from that, they also master special moves which caused a lot of problems in the past, but improved even increased to a degree never seen before.

Episode #78 “Cammy’s Plan For A New Special Move!”
Mark is worried because he needs a new special move and he cannot come into anything. Cammy is worried over Mark´s concern. And Sue will exploit both worries to make up a story that it will lead to the strangest date in history...

Episode #79 “Axel’s Decision”
Asian qualifiers´ final is getting near, the whole team is getting ready for this final challenge and new special moves are being developed to fight their rivals. But Axel Blaze realizes that maybe he will not follow his friends and team mates.

Episode #80 “The Last Match”
After his father refusal, Axel agrees to drop football as soon as qualifiers are over. But his deal will affect the team´s condition, especially Mark´s, who is already shocked after getting a strange letter, apparently from some unexpected sender.

Episode #81 “Asia Strongest: Fire Dragons!”
Finals against Korea seemed a very special game at first glance, and now it´s quite more since Inazuma National players finds some old acquaintances in Korean ranks. But no matter how dangerous they might be, the biggest threat from Korea it is his captain, the "Dragon Tamer".

Episode #82 “An Unbeatable Strategy: Perfect Zone Press!!”
Inazuma is leading the score, but then their rivals start Perfect Zone Press, the strategy which gave them so many victories. And things start getting worse little by little for our friends. And the very spirit of the team is still in the bench...

Episode #83 “Rise, Captain!”
It´s time to take measures to help Inazuma National out of the tight spot they are. While Mark Evans tries to think how to do that, Caleb Stonewall. Inazuma´s most controversial player enters onto the field. How will the team answer to him?

Episode #84 “Let’s Take The Ticket For The Finals!”
Teams´ revolution might work, but before that, some players need to be released from the fear and distrust that held them down. If Inazuma National wants to be in the FFI, the team as a whole should give everything they have to beat Fire Dragons!

Episode #85 “Here Is The World Tournament!”
Once they got their pass for Football Frontier International, the team flies to Liocott, the island where the competition will take place. There they will see people they haven´t seen since a long time ago, possible future rivals... even Mark will discover something that might change everything he believed until then.

Episode #86 “What A Shock! This Is Playing At World Level!”
The teams taking part have been divided into two groups, and Inazuma National already know who their opponents are. Before starting the real matches, Mark will have a first chance to know who they will fight against and tasting what means playing at world level, the highest of all.

Episode #87 “Knights Of Queen, England’s Knights!”
Knights of Queen will be Inazuma National´s first opponent. The game will not be not easy at all, since the "English knights" have quite more football experience and tradition. Apart from that, they know that the hopes of millions are with them. How will our heroes answer to the pressure?

Episode #88 “At Last Finished! My Own Technique!”
The match is as tough as it seemed from the very beginning: Knights of Queen´s techniques are hurting Inazuma National bad. Especially when Mark cannot stop their shots with his old special moves. Maybe it´s time to forget everything he knows and try something absolutely new.

Episode #89 “Let’s Go Beyond Mugen The Hand!”
Tournament does not give a chance to breathe. As soon a game is over, they have to start training for the next. Now that Mark did surpass his old special moves, Darren thinks he is getting behind, so he have to do the same as Mark, with the help of his team mates.

Episode #90 “Royal’s Curse! First Part”
While Darren keeps on looking for a special move of his own, other Inazuma National´s player think they have seen Ray Dark. Jude and David run after him, fearing he might be planning another scheme of his to end against the team. When will be they free from this man´s shadow?

Episode #91 “Royal’s Curse! Second Part”
At the same time that Jude and the others look for Ray Dark, Italy´s national team find they have a new coach, and that he decide to change their team for his. Original players decided not to leave the tournament, so they challenge the new coach... and accidents start. What´s hiding this man called Mister D?

Episode #92 “Awesome! There Are Two Judes!”
Our friends are set to help the Italian players against the new coach’s Team D. But when they enter into the field, they are surprised to see that Mister D’s team has a Jude of their own; even his special moves are similar.

Episode #93 “The Biggest Clash! Penguin Vs. Penguin!”
In this match, three big showdowns are having place: Orpheus vs. Team D, Jude vs. Giulio -his copycat- and former Royal Academy´s players vs. Ray Dark´s threat. To achieve victory, they should win every one of them. But... what will be the price?

Episode #94 “The Impregnable Fortress!”
Just when everything seemed solved, our heroes find that the Argentine match has been put forward. Now Inazuma National is about to face a tough game against a team famous for its defence while missing four of their key players, and their coach.

Episode #95 “Desperate Situation! Inazuma National’s Defeat?”
The game cannot get worse for Inazuma National: not only they miss several key players but their rivals´ defence gives them not chance to score. If they really want to win, they should show that the team´s spirit lies within every one of them, not just Mark.

Episode #96 “Cammy’s Secret”
The match against The Empire brings some changes to the team and the players. Now that they have some rest before the next game, it´s time to have a little break, or watch how their other rivals are doing. Just then Mark is about to learn what´s after Cammy Travis.

Episode #97 “Erik’s Last Kick-Off!”
Next team to play against Inazuma National is Unicorn, the team from the US., where their former team mates Erik and Bobby play. The game should be exciting... if those two were not acting so strange. What they could be hiding from their old pals?

Episode #98 “Full-Throttle Friendship! Erik Vs. Mark!”
Erik is playing like never before against his former team mates, even if it is for a reason he doesn´t want to tell anyone. When Mark finally learns what´s happening, he decides to answer Erik´s courage with his own. The best gift to someone who´s is playing at his fullest is playing at your fullest, too!

Episode #99 “Phoenix’s Resolution”
The match between Inazuma National and Unicorn is near its end. Unicorn´s Special tactic seems unbeatable, but nor Mark neither Inazuma National thinks about giving up. And when the game ends, the best reward will be knowing that they will meet again.

Episode #100 “Meeting With Kappas, What A Shock!”
Fairytales talk little imps called ´Kappas´ who live by the ponds. Mark says he did see one, but nobody believed him. When Xavier and Scotty meet two very strange boys in the middle of the forest, maybe they should have paid more attention to their captain´s words...

Episode #101 “What A Crash! Tiger And Hawk!”
It´s always tough being far from home, even if your friends are by your side. Some people get eased with home letters, some other it´s just the opposite. Now that Austin start to behave strangely, maybe Archer, the other rookie in the team, is the only one who can really understand and help him to overcome it.

Episode #102 “Recovered Memories! The Truth About Cammy!”
Now that the team is training at full force, getting ready for the last game of the first stage, tension affects Cammy. Little by little, her memories start breaking the barriers within her mind. Can her friends help her to cope with the secret of her life?

Episode #103 “Just One Step From The Final Stage! Paolo’s Resolution!”
The match against Orpheus will be decisive to reach FFI´s final stage. Nobody doubt about the quality of Paolo and the rest of the Italian players, but the biggest mystery is Orpheus´s coach, Mister D. They find quite difficult to trust him knowing who he is and what he has done.

Episode #104 “Catenacchio Counter!, The Most Powerful Special Tactic!”
Biggest showdown in the Orpheus – Inazuma National´s game is not about the teams, but about how to answer to Ray Dark´s presence. While some distrust and fear him, others seen what was after his works and they are ready to believe in him. Italian team´s reaction against Mark and the others depends on this.

Episode #105 “Explosive Showdown! Paolo Vs. Mark”
The showdown between Inazuma National and Orpheus is an exciting one, since Paolo Bianchi and the rest of Italian players rallied around Mister D. Catenacchio Counter, their new special tactic, seems unbeatable, especially since real Orpheus´ captain joins the game. He brings not only his game play, but several answers, and some questions for Mister D, too.

Episode #106 “Ray Dark’s Last Challenge”
Orpheus´ captain arrival gave new strength to Mark´s rivals, putting our heroes in a tight spot. But in this game there are more things at stake than reaching the final stage. The most important of them if Ray Dark, a.k.a. ´Mister D´ will release from the darkness he lived in and make it up with his past.

Episode #107 “Grandpa’s Last Notebook”
Last game´s results made Inazuma National players to follow closely their groups´ last games. It is not strange that the arrival of David Evans´ last notebook went almost unnoticed to them. In this, instead of hints for a special move there are “hints for the heart”. Also, nobody noticed that Inazuma National´s biggest fans arrived to Liocott Island, too.

Episode #108 “The Legend Of Liocott!”
Legend says that long time ago, dwellers from the skies and the depths fought in Liocott Island in awesome football games. And the legend says they are about to come back. Of course, it´s nothing but a tale for kids, but when the sky suddenly darken while training and some mysterious people faces our heroes, maybe they were not tales after all...

Episode #109 “Apostles From The Sky!”
Heaven´s Garden & Demon´s Gate dwellers took Sue and Celia away to fulfill their prophecies. Of course, our friends are not willing to let them having their way, so they part to rescue the girls. Mark´s team will go up to take Sue back, which means playing against Heaven´s Garden players and their captain, Sanctus.

Episode #110 “Devil Army Z!”
Jude and his team descend through the mountain to rescue his sister. But, as in the previous Episode # #, the only way to do it is through a football game. Between flames and heat it will took place a football game where players from all the countries play against the dwellers of Demon´s gate to save Celia... will they make it?

Episode #111 “Dark Angel, The Demon King Arrives!”
Danger seemed to be over, but actually it was quite the opposite. The teams our heroes played against are now fused into one, and that might have terrible consequences. Mark and his friends should make people from the skies and the depths to understand what´s the real meaning of football.

Episode #112 “The Kingdom’s Darkness!”
When the adventure is over, FFI comes back with the semifinal between Inazuma National and The Kingdom. They look one of the strongest teams in the world, but then why Mac Robingo -The Kingdom´s captain- ask Mark such an unbelievable favour? When Mark and friends do some research, they discover there are many strange things about The Kingdom and their powerful coach.

Episode #113 “Zoolan Rice’s Conspiracy”
The Kingdom´s coach is a very powerful man, both inside and outside the football world. His shadow seems to reach every corner and it´s turning his team´s beautiful game into something else. Our heroes now face a hideous dilemma: letting Rice have his way or playing at their best to set Robingo and his team mates free from their own coach´s menace.

Episode #114 “Inazuma National Vs. The Kingdom”
Mac Robingo decided to summit himself to Rice´s program to protect his friends, even if the price to pay may be too high. Even if his team mates are not willing to accept his sacrifice, what can they do? And, what can Inazuma National do to stop it? Help may be on its way, though...

Episode #115 “The Counter-Attack Of The Kings Of Football!”
Zoolan Rice is already out from The Kingdom; Mac Robingo and his friends are free to play as they really know. The challenge for Mark, Thor and everyone suddenly grow. They should use every special move they know to reach that spot in Football Frontier International´s Final game. There is someone waiting for them there.

Episode #116 “Little Giants Marvel!”
After Inazuma National´s Semifinals´ game it´s the time to Paolo´s team to play theirs. Orpheus seems the favourite, but their rivals overwhelm them. Now Inazuma National should discover who those Little Giants really are or why Nelly Raimon is helping them. Maybe the answer lies in their unusual coach. At least, Mark thinks he knows him from anywhere else...

Episode #117 “The Attack Of The Ultimate Reinforced Humans!”
Zoolan Rice is back again! But now his anger is address against Little Giants and their coach. So he gathered a group of very special players to trash them all. But it is Mark and the rest of Inazuma National who will come in Rice´s way once more. Will they be enough to stop this reinforced team?

Episode #118 “The Frightful Zoolan Team!”
Rice’s reinforced humans’ team is causing serious problems to Inazuma National. When Mark uses his old special moves to no avail, he needs to find a new one, and he will have an unexpected help for it.

Episode #119 “The Strongest Rival!"
After so many years of separation, Mark and his grandfather can talk at last. It´s quite more than a mere reunion between grandchild and grandparent, but it also means knowing the coach and the main player of the team he will play against in the Finals. And Mark is about to know they are awesome opponents.

Episode #120 “Special Friendly Training With Paolo!”
Inazuma National should train more and better than never if they want to be ready for the finals. But training is not the same than a real game, so that´s what Paolo and Orpheus are for. They will play Little Giant´s role and if Mark and friend can surpass them.... the road to the victory might be a little clearer!

Episode #121 “Eleven Mottoes To Win The World!”
Once solved the physical question, it´s time for mind preparation: Inazuma National must be as sure of their victory as their rivals are! And once more, Mark and his friends will find the answers in a notebook written by David Evans a long time ago. There are eleven mottoes for the team´s eleven players.

Episode #122 "Inazuma National´s Final Showdown!"
The day has arrived! Football Frontier International Finals started! Both team will play their trump cards, including some unexpected ones. Despite all their preparation, maybe the game will not develop as Mark and friends were waiting for!

Episode #123 "Final Duel at the Summit: Little Giants! First Part"
The Finals it is at its peak, but now is Mark who is having a hard time, unless he develop his ultimate special move. Now that the whole team rally around their captain, we will know the real nature of both teams, Inazuma National and Little Giants.

Episode #124 "Final Duel at the Summit: Little Giants! Second Part"
If our friends of Inazuma National thought the Finals was already over, how wrong they were. David Evans & Hector Helios still keep an ace in their sleeves which will put Mark & friends in a very tight spot! How will Inazuma National answer to this challenge that seems to have no end?

Episode #125 "The End at Last! The Best in the World!!"
The game it is in its last minutes, the players´ forces are running down. It´s the moment when they should what Is at stake and what´s really important. Also, it´s now when Inazuma National coach give their team the most unusual command: ´Have fun!´

Episode #126 "Tears in the Graduation!"
It´s been months since the Finals, and Mark Evans and his friends´ graduation ceremony arrived. Besides of giving one step front in their lives, they need to give one step aside to have Raimon football club to going on with other players. Nothing better for that than an old football game...

Episode #127 "A Kick-Off Towards Tomorrow!"
Nobody wanted to miss Mark and his friend´s last Hight School game. There are so many memories, so many experiences around the ball that is though having them end... But if there is something everybody knows is that no matter where Mark Evans or Raimon would be, there will be football and adventures for everyone!